How to allow a device to bypass time restrictions

I have the following rule that restricts internet access between 8:58pm and 11:59pm.


Under the Time Restrictions tab, I have Start Time (hh:mm:ss): 20:58:00 and Stop Time (hh:mm:ss): 23:59:00. (I couldn't post a screenshot as new users are limited to one image.)

Is it possible to amend this rule, so that one device (with two MAC addresses) can access internet during the blocked time period?


Best to do by IP address...

set a DHCP reservation on for the two devices you want to allow to bypass this rule.
Then create a firewall rule just like what you've got except that it accepts traffic with source addresses from those two IP addresses. Make sure that rule is placed above/before the one you've shown.


I think that the syntax ! can be used in source_ip of a block rule to block from all IPs except that one. The exclamation point means "not."

But as a more general case I'd do what @psherman said and write separate allow rules for the IP(s) that you want to always allow.

Note that IP- or MAC-based security is not very secure at all as moderately savvy endpoint users can spoof their address.