How to add OpenVPN "tls-crypt-v2" server key using LUCI

With OpenWrt 21.02+ that runs OpenVPN 2.5+ supporting tls-crypt-v2, I am trying to find out how to add the tls-crypt-v2 server key using the LUCI user interface. The alternative method is to build the OpenVPN server profile outside of LUCI but I want to know whether it's possible using the user interface.

There is no option in the UI to insert a tls-crypt-v2 server key and I can't find the option using the manual options. Is this possible?

It's supported in master but not in the current installable version.
Meanwhile you need to set it via command-line:

uci set openvpn.ovpn.tls_crypt_v2='/etc/openvpn/server.pem'
uci commit
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