How to add items to Luci wireless_modefreq template

The expected behavior for items on the Luci wireless_modefreq template is that changing the value then clicking Save&Apply results in:

  1. the UCI configuration item being set and committed,
  2. the wireless is restarted.
    I added 2 more items to this template, but for one of them, I get 1) but not 2).
    The existing items and other added item get expected behavior.
    I guessed that you have to add the item(s) to the taboption's cfgvalue, formvalue and write functions, but is there more to it?

not sure if you are still actively investigating/testing this, but if so you might find what you're after on the github page:

Also, depending how long you can wait, there might be an entirely new framework in the future (at least months, maybe longer) A modern web interface for OpenWrt implemented in vue.js and element-ui

Thanks, but I worked around the immediate issue by replacing wifi reload_legacy with wifi restart in etc/init.d/network. I think there's something in the boot scripts has to be done when an item is added to the wireless_modefreq template, so I was asking guidance in that direction.