How to add "DNS Query report" tab to Adblock on OpenWrt

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know how to add the " DNS Query report" tab to Adblock page on openwrt web interface?

I installed adblock 3.5.5-3 from "software" and configured it but I cannot get " DNS Query report" tab to show. I installed tcpdump and tcpdump-mini and restarted the router but that tab is still not showing. What am I missing?

Also, I was reading on forums that people installed later versions of Adblock so I was wondering how were they able to install a later version when the one I mentioned above shows up as the latest version when I search for adblock under System -> Software.

Thanks in advance

I wasn't even aware Adblock had that function, so i don't have an answer unfortunately, but you might try asking in the Adblock support thread, probably more likely to get an answer there.

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Reporting is currently only available in snapshots and in forthcoming stable 19.07 get it in 18.06 do the following:

  1. ssh to your router
  2. cd /tmp
  3. download latest adblock snapshot releases (core & luci) to your router, e.g. with uclient-fetch
  4. install both packages with opkg, e.g. opkg install adblock_3.8.12-1_all.ipk --force-maintainer (the latter flag updates/overwrites your current adblock config as well)

That's it basically. Please note that the reporting feature need the additional package tcpdump-mini as well.

Edit: you'll find the donwload links in the first post of the already referenced adblock support thread.

Hope this helps!

Thanks @dibdot

Just to make sure I understood your steps correctly, can you please let me know if the following is correct?

  1. I will use this link that was referenced in @mike comment above:
    Adblock support thread

  2. Then from that link I will download " adblock_3.8.12-1_all.ipk"

  3. Now this is the part that is not clear to me. In the same link from #1, there is a link in the first post for " luci companion package"

What is not clear to me is what are the names of the other additional packages that I need to download and install in addition to the one I mentioned in #2

  1. Is there any difference between tcpdump and tcpdump-mini?

Thanks in advance for your help