How to add a new element to LUCI21.03

Hi community:
I want to do some customization with LUCI21.02.
After some study, I understand the basic concept of LUCI.
From this article, I learned if I want to add a new element to LUCI, at least I need to define a new module and entry like this:

module("luci.controller.myapp.new_tab", package.seeall)  --notice that new_tab is the name of the file new_tab.lua
 function index()
     entry({"admin", "new_tab"}, firstchild(), "New tab", 60).dependent=false  --this adds the top level tab and defaults to the first sub-tab (tab_from_cbi), also it is set to position 30

And add a cbi_tab like this:

m = Map("cbi_file", translate("First Tab Form"), translate("Please fill out the form below")) -- cbi_file is the config file in /etc/config
d = m:section(TypedSection, "info", "Part A of the form")  -- info is the section called info in cbi_file
a = d:option(Value, "name", "Name"); a.optional=false; a.rmempty = false;  -- name is the option in the cbi_file
return m

But after query the source code of LUCI21.02, I didn't find the entry and cbi element in it.
My configration is like this:
besides, I notice another article which was marked like this:

  • Reference: CBI (FIXME: obsolete now that we have client-side CBI in Javascript?)
    My question is:
    1.Where is the entry and cbi element defined in LUCI21.02?
    2.Where can I get the latest reference about CBI?

The LUCI21.02 source code is confusing:

Where is the network/status/system controller and where is network/status/system CBI?

This functionality has been ported to client side JS, there is no Lua code on the router side anymore.

Hi Jow
Do you have any document about how to add a element with "client side JS"?
We still need to know the basic concept(programming guide line) about the new structure.

check, this might be relevant for you, down the road LuCI rewrite in ucode - testers wanted

Applications usually define static JSON files nowadays that describe the available menu entries (routes) and associated actions.


The client side form.js API (which is the successor of server side Lua CBI) is here:

Thanks. But I still suggest you update the document and that will make 3rd party developer easier to understand the concept.

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