How to access your OpenWRT home network from anywhere - Roadwarrior VPN

I've done a step by step guide how to access OpenWRT home network from your mobile device using OpenVPN.

If anyone wants to try, feedback would be good.

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Looks great ! I’ll share experiences once I’ve got it set up.

Works great too ! Very clear explanation, and the pastebin input is helpful. Thank you for clarifying the steps to get it to work. This is a major timesaver for the uninitiated.

Nice video, covers all the steps from what I see.

Maybe follow it up with video on top 10 pitfalls or troubleshooting. With many steps, if someone gets to the end and it doesn't work, what should they do?

The Wireguard religion is poised to overtake OpenVPN according to google searches. Some may believe that a Wireguard video is in your future.