How to access to internet from OpenWrt in virtualbox

I create openwrt.vdi in virtualbox then I create two adapters as shown below :

My idea , is to create an ubuntu VM in virtualbox and to connect it's network to the adapter 2 of the openwrt vm, but I con't access to internet from it, so how can I solve this problem ?


Below my firewall settings:

try putting the intnet adapter in the wan zone, or renaming it to WAN.

intnet adapter it is a local network not a WAN, so from intnet I want to access to internet passing from LAN adapter.

you need one WAN interface, or there's no need for a router/firewall, right ?

No need for router, I just do it virtual using virtualbox , but there is internet on my pc and openwrt VM can access to internet normally.

then you don't need the intnet interface, it's on the same subnet as LAN anyway, just stick with LAN.

but since you use a static IP, you manually have to provide DNS IPs and default GW.

By default OpenWrt sets up in x86_64:

  • LAN - eth0
  • WAN - eth1

Is there a reason you edited this?

The default WAN setup should work by default.

You would disable forwarding from LAN to WAN.