How to access these DSL options on OpenWrt?

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I have a TP-Link W8980 running the latest OpenWrt firmware. I'm trying to access these settings, I'm mainly interested in the 'Enhance Capability' section. It seems that there's no way to access them through the GUI, so I thought there might be accessible from SSH command line.


bReTxEnable is G.INP
bVirtualNoiseSupport is SRA
bBitswapEnable is bitswap

for vectoring you must have a vectoring firmware extracted from some device and it should be enabled by default


Thanks for replying and sorry for the long silence!

That was helpful, I just noticed that SRA is disabled on 0 0 & 0 1 sets while being enabled on the other two, is that normal? if I want to enable it, should I modify its value on all sets and directions?

IIRC there are 2 sets nDslMode=0 for dsl and nDslMode=1 for vdsl, the second number is the direction. if you check my linked post you can see that in my case (td-w8970 with openwrt provided dsl firmware) bReTxEnable and bVirtualNoiseSupport are disbled for mode 0 and enabled for mode 1. i have a vsdl link and i'm sure that bVirtualNoiseSupport is working correctly.. so i'm in mode 2.. you should set options only for your mode/direction as needed but if you set same options for both mode i guess nothing bad should happen..

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