How to access NAS from main ISP router

Here's my network scheme

I want my clients connected to isp router to be able to access SMB (and possibly other clients like smart plugs etc.) running on ap ( Is that possible? if yes then would that be safe to do?


If you plan to use relayd, all clients/devices should be on the same subnet. In your case, it would be 192.168.0.x

You would need to assign a 192.168.0.x IP address to the SMB server.

Be warned there are known issues with relayd not behaving correctly.

fwiw, wireless bridging is easier to set up and works very well with FreshTomato on a supported broadcom router (eg. R6250v1, R6300v2). Padavan also works well but fewer devices are supported (eg. Xiaomi 4A gigabit)

Yeah.... There's no cable option for me between relayd router and isp router ... And this seemed like the best option at time. Relayd router is basically invisible.

My ap ( is getting IP like 192.168.0.x directly from isp router. Due to the issues you said with relayd earlier, the relayd router is not doing DHCP, hence i had to put everything on static to overcome this problem. Other than this everything else seems to work fine.

Also I'm unable to access any router from isp router using its wwan IP.

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