How to access Dump AP from Openwrt?

Hi all,

I have a TPlink router connected via WDS to my main Openwrt router; Internet works fine on TPlink connected devices.

How do I access my PC which connect to TPlink from Openwrt connected devices?
(TPlink & PC are manually fixed IP)

Do I need to convert a bridge between these two routers? How would I go about it using Luci?

Thanks a lot in advice...

A dumb AP is a bridge. It has only one network the LAN so everything in that IP range should link to each other.

The IP of the AP is only to log into the AP itself. To connect to another PC on the LAN you only need that PC's IP address.


Thanks for the reply.

My problem is when using PC connected to, i can access & connected devices, but NOT vice versa.

I enabled WDS on only, nothing was set in openwrt

What settings do i need in openwrt to access & devices connected to it?

Thx, sorry but I'm new to openwrt/networking.

WDS must be enabled on both the AP and the client for WDS to work. So I'm not sure how your network actually is running.


you are right, enabling both WDS by joining back on openwrt end works, it gave me access to the initial dump AP.

But I think there is a better way by just forwarding from initial dump AP to my main openwrt router. Because full WDS double back the traffic I think...

Thanks anyway, I will look into it more later...