How remove stok section from old OpenWrt link

How can I remove this section from the old openwrt link?;stok=064c2329d71646d2758e6ea9e87b9202

This section: stok = 064c2329d71646d2758e6ea9e87b9202
I can not build this firmware again because I do not have access to the old source. But I still have to use the same firmware
If there is a package in this modem to be removed, please tell me

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Upgrade to a newer version.


@lleachii i can not update because I do not have package info and ... about modem. Can I update without this information?
How to remove this without updating?


@vgaetera Great . I try it
But there is really no easier way to do this, such as a change in the source ... And to remove this item?

That proposal is about a change in the source...

We are talking about the main authentication / authorisation thing in LuCI, so changing that is not about a simple change to a single file.

Like I said in that message that vgaetera referenced:

In practice, no chance.
Token removal required 30-40 commits from the main developer, so unless you are LuCI specialist, no real change to easily backport them correctly.


Will this command work:

opkg list-installed

i can install new luci on this old openwrt ? for remove stock ?

Not likely, as the UCI structure has also been upgraded over the years.

As long as you have SSH access, why don't you try it?

Yes I have access to ssh
But I want to change ui in luci and I want to refer to several sections of the link
But the links are changing and it's been a problem for me
Now I do not know how to fix this. I currently do not have the version upgrade now

No clue what this means.


  • Then why are you inquiring about upgrading LuCI?
  • Why can't you just upgrade OpenWrt (I showed how to list installed packages)?
  • Can you be more clear?

For example, I mean to heal
I designed a separate page on the modem web server
On this page I want to create a key to enter the wifi configuration page
Currently, the wifi page is available with this link:;stok=064c2329d71646d2758e6ea9e87b9202/admin/wifi

But then reset once section stok = 064c2329d71646d2758e6ea9e87b9202 changes
And other previous link is not valid

I'm not training for this upgrade. Have a thorough training for upgrading?

also have problems with the menuconfig settings for creating a bin file for both the zbt -we826 and zbt-we826 modems. Because twice with the openwrt link for setting my luci package settings I did the settings twice, but the firmware was quite difficult.