How long does new user status last?

Found a thread covering my problem with a BT HH5A and posted a few times. Came back to night as I wish to attack this beast again (the old bricked one + a new Ebay arrival) and I find I can't add to the thread as new users are limited to 3 posts to a thread.

So how long does this jail time last? I could start a new (or many new) thread(s) but usually that is frowned upon in fora.

Hi, here is a post that explains how to get past the new user status:

HTH :slight_smile:

I bumped you up to "basic user" status. Thanks for contributing to LEDE!

Many thanks (both for the bump up and details of the forum software).

I look forward to contributing (as a tester I'm afraid - I'm no dev :frowning: ).

You're willing to be a tester? That's great!

We're going to have to bash the new release candidate soon, although I don't know the schedule.

PS You should find one article to Like - it's one of the requirements to move from Basic -> Member status.