How is the 5GHz wifi status on the R6350

I would like to use it as a wireless bridge in the 5 GHZ band and ask if the WLAN drivers work with the latest 19.07 SNAPSHOT. I read that the wireless drivers don't work properly yet, right?

As per the commit, it is not available:

for 11a/ac  (upto 1450Mbps) : MT7615, is not avaliable now

Crap. But I'm lucky. I found someone who sells a used Archer C2600 and I pick it up afterwards. With it everything should works :wink:

However there seems to have preliminary support since the before mentionned commit: Adding OpenWrt support for Linksys EA7500 v2

I have few builds to try . Both opensource mt7615 and proprietary 7615. I've changed dts for opensource driver.