How install rtl8811au?

How install rtl8811au OpenWrt 18.06.2?

@memet, welcome to the community!

Have you searched the forums for information on that driver?

I see two threads in particular with a very similar title as yours.

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@lleachii Could you just provide a solution instead of being an ass? He has probably searched the forums already.

So you signed up, and bumped a 3 y.o thread, just to tell someone they're being an ass ?

Yes, that is what I did.

That's laughable, given nobody clicked the link in over 3 years - not even you. At the time I made the post, there was only one thread specific (actually - identical) to the topic. That's something you wouldn't know 3 years later without doing your due diligence by looking at the link (and dates).

Seems pretty un-ass'ish to me. Given the Forum Guidelines, I did exactly what was asked (i.e. keeping the forums tidy by not starting a duplicate thread).

As you said before you deleted your post,
"Is this some kind of joke?

The thread you posted to is 3 years old, the software is end of life and end of support.

Don't you think it's quite rude to sign up for an account - and your first post is to call someone an ass."

The software might be at end of life, but what difference does that make? I'm still on PHP 6.something .
Do you not find it annoying when someone has the exact same issue as you, and the only reply is "nevermind i fixed it myself!!!" or "theres another thread about this!!!" or the StackOverflow "how about you try and fix it yourself?"

My post says no such thing. Anyone can click the edit button to read that your quote is untrue.

I'm not sure what your goal is or if you're seeking help for installing the driver, also I'm not sure why you're referencing other websites, nor do I understand the PHP comment - but since your basis is clearly a lie and you've failed to state you need assistance, I'll digress.

If you do need assistance, I would advise you to make a new post for your issue, instead of reviving a 3 year old thread. Otherwise your postings are off-topic and seem more like vandalism/trolling of an old thread.

I'll just flag this as spam/off-topic. Again, people can clearly see the message I posted, deleted and re-instated without edits.

It's clear you're attempting to vandalize a 3 year old thread.

(I wonder what happens if you reply to that post you linked, instead of posting irrelevant information here - maybe you'll realize that it's not this thread; and you're cross posting?)

@psherman - can we close this necro thread?

You forgot the end of support part when replying to a 3 year old post; but since you haven't asked for assistance - I again digress.

You sure as hell aren't contributing...


I am certainly contributing.
Happy Eid al-Adha