How I made my gl.inet BERYL a WIFI 6 router

I almost gave up on the beryl, the wifi speeds were severely lacking plus I think the whole wifi as WAN or something we couldn't do on one band.. something but not now! I even tried the FLINT and the speed/range left me wanting more so it was returned.

Now, the beryl and mini pc have all of the car automation devices mainly 2.5G (HA wifi tasmotafied whatever devices), and are connected to the main internet router a Cudy X6 via 1200mpbs, faster than the RJ45 Ports! CudyX6 via ethernet from a raspi4 to the wan load balances the wifi wan as well. The raspi4 has a USB cell modem and ethernet cell modem load balanced. all runs off a battery pack (ryobi power tool for 6 hours). Initially went to use the Comfast USB WIFI AP Dongle on the Raspi4 but althought I got it to work, never without hiccups. In the BERYL no hiccups and here is the latest screenshot.

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