How do you install UACME?

How exactly do you install uacme on openwrt?

root@foyer:~# opkg install uacme
Unknown package 'uacme'.
Collected errors:

  • opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package uacme.

Also ...

root@foyer:~# opkg install
Unknown package ''.
Collected errors:

You need to update package lists first.

opkg update
opkg install uacme

Or install it from the download repo instead of giving source code as the target for opkg.

You did not tell your router model, so this is an likely wrong, but gives you example

(Also, uacme is new and only in master, but not in 19.07.x)

So uacme should be in 19.07.3, no? I can wait for that.

No. It is only in master, like I said.
19.07.3 will be made from the 19.07 branch, not master. T


Not sure about uacme but if you want to use on 19.07.X it's actually pretty darn simple.

Just download from the github repo, make sure you have the packages curl, wget and openssl-util installed and you're good to go. In the case that dnsapi is needed, download its folder with the script you need and place it under the same folder as (preferably using the following structure /root/

Alternatively you can follow this tutorial but this might end up creating more redundant files.

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