How do I write a musl dependency in menuconfig?


  1. How do I write a package dependency on musl in menuconfig?
    I found USE_MUSL and LIBC_USE_MUSL symbols. Which one should I use?

  2. I saw various obscure symbols like SMALL_FLASH being used in package dependencies. Is there a list of these and their meaning anywhere?


What is your actual need? Do you really depend on something that is in musl but not in glibc?

SMALL_FLASH is used for devices with really small flash size, so that even more restricted feature suet is included. Similarly there is small ram, if I remember right.
The is no real list of those.
Best explanations are probably in the commit messages introducing those, although some date from pre-git times without commit messages.

In general, the target features are listed in

The opposite. There is something that musl doesn't have, so disable with depends on !MUSL, or whatever the musl symbol is.