How do i set the default rule of firewall

hello , i have OpenWrt 18.06-SNAPSHOT r7749-e0505cc . when i set the default rule as auto,like :"/etc/init.d/firewall enable". but after reboot,the INPUT OUTPUT FORWARD rules are also "DROP",how i change it? the iptables version is 1.6.2 . Thanks ^-^

It's hard to know why you are having issues with only that little bit of information, but I would highly recommend that you upgrade to 22.03 (or at least 21.02) because 18.06 has been EOL for a long time and has not gotten any security patches in years. Besides, you're running a snapshot which may have bugs... whenever possible, you should run a proper stable release build unless there is some specific reason you need to use a snapshot.

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thank you so much.