How do I reroute a specific device to a specific DNS

I've been trying to figure out how to set a specific device to a certain DNS, I've looked at this document on how to do it DNS Hijacking, but the issue is, is that it affects the whole network, I just want one specific device to get forwarded to a specific DNS without the whole network getting affected by it.

Specify the source IP or MAC address of the client device in the rule

I have but now I don't know what to do afterwards

DNS hijacking should be the plan B in case the host is bypassing the nameserver assigned to it individually by tagging.

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Well, the problem for me, is that I can't use PuTTy as well. How would I do it on LuCI?

I don't think it can be done in Luci.
To make hijacking work properly though you'd need to use the cli too.

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Generally speaking, the simplest way would be using DHCP reservation (for a given MAC) and send the required DNS IP in DHCP response. However I do not see the way to configure that from Luci.

Ok, thank you though

Ok, thanks

You can try to install the luCi-CLI (feeds/luci/applications/luci-app-commands) which will give you Shell command entry thru the luCi interface..

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