How do I populate the "Host" column?

The top entry in the Associated Stations is a OpenWRT (22.03.3) connecting (via WDS) to another OpenWRT (22.03.3).

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search for ethers fping in the forum.

Update /etc/ethers. Examples are provided at the top of the file itself.

Thanks to you both.

To my surprise, even though I chose not to add the IP address because I did not know what would happen if the DHCP server issued different ones, after pinging the associated stations the IP address turned up in the GUI. neat...

You will find that they won't stay populated permanently.

Please see the following thread for more information

someone wrote the fping no longer works ...

ethers can be added to sysupgrade.conf to be kept across upgrades, if that's what you mean by permanently.

OP did a ping and now the host names have shown up. Don't think they've used ethers or any other solution.

@mprowe you don't put IP addresses in ethers, just Mac address and host names.

yeah, you're probably right, read too much into the answer :wink:

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Sorry for the limited explanation. Will this help?
Copy of /etc/ethers on the remote WDS bridge/extender

#  Lookup man 5 ethers for syntax documentation
#  Examples :
#       02:00:11:22:33:44       OpenWrt.lan
#       02:00:11:22:33:44
44:E9:DD:6E:71:6D       OpenWrt-A(WDS)
94:B9:7E:E5:09:20       esp32-bat-veh
FC:F5:C4:07:A2:18       esp32-bat-lei

Host name turned up in the GUI within seconds. The IP address turned up (one-by-one) after I pinged the stations.

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works for me, on my APs.

Sorry for the confusion.

Yes it works for me too

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