How do i install TL-MR6400 v5.3?

Hi there. New user here and i would like to safely install OpenWRT on my TL-MR6400 v5.300000002
however the firmware on the website says V5, not V5.300000002
so i am asking for a tutorial and if its safe to install

yes, vX.y = vX.

wait so v5.3, v5.300000002 v5 it doesnt matter its the same?

yes, in the world of TP-Link vX.whatever is vX.

oh okay. do i send it as a normal system update?

nope -

i take Firmware OpenWrt Install URL and follow instructions?

yes, you do.

will this reset my router configuration?


ok ive done it and now the power LED is flashing is this a good sign?

Hopefully it'll stop blinkning after a while.

it did and i now have access to the panel. how do i configure it to work with the sim card tho?

the sim card is not working...

it's actually described on the page you read earlier.

i dont find where

start from the top ... not from the install chapter.

nvm ill just reinstall stock fw. how do i do it?

I have no idea, one can only hope it's done the same way you installed openwrt.

now all LED's are going on, then only the power one then all turning off