How do i increase and check tickrate?


I want to check the tickrate and increase it if it is possible for better online gaming experience and please provide me with some advices on how to get better online experience i fixed the bufferbloat, opened nat

Thanks in advance

  • What is "tickrate" - as the only term I know refers to a gaming server processing game changes (as its a psuedo-Computer Science term)?
  • If it relates to a gaming server, what does this have to do with OpenWrt; and how could we possibly provide you such an answer - especially if you're merely a client?
  • Lastly for background understanding, does this inquiry relate to any of your previous game lag issues in other threads?
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No idea what is meant by tickrate but maybe this.

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No it's not related

Are you talking about CONFIG_HZ in the kernel config? You can change that when building with make kernel_menuconfig.

So, if you really want help - can you take a moment to tell us what it's actually related to?

Because, as I noted, "tickrate" is a pseudoscience term used in the Gaming World for "server cycles". Nowhere I searched provides any information that would relate "tickrate" to a router or network connection (unless you count the round trip meantime?).

Please elaborate.