How do I get luci-theme-bootstrap with the new design?


I saw in the wiki screenshots of the updated BootStrap theme.

I updated luci-theme-bootstrap on my device, but the new design is not available...
How can I install it to try it?

Looks like somebody has placed pictures from a tweaked build to wiki.
Those images are not from the normal LuCI.

It really looks like it.

it a package not a build mod or new design..., luci-mod-dashboard install it and try if available on your installed version

(but yes, not ideal to include non standard/default stuff in generic wiki guides)

found it not so polished / beneficial in it's current form

Thank you so much!

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you might want to reinstall/upgrade the theme as well, there is a version of the theme that doesn't center the menu bar

opkg install luci-theme-bootstrap

then in /etc/config/luci check to see if this is there (or the theme selection will not work in the gui)

config internal 'themes'
        option Bootstrap '/luci-static/bootstrap'
        option BootstrapDark '/luci-static/bootstrap-dark'
        option BootstrapLight '/luci-static/bootstrap-light'

The other pictures are from the luci-theme-openwrt-2020 theme, which you can install as well using opkg

note that when you make mods to this file, opkg install will not overwrite them and put the package default in /etc/config/luci-opkg , Check for hints there.


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