How do I add IBS mode and WEP and OLSR

I need to use in my Wifi network:

  1. IBS mode
    How do I add IBS mode?

  2. WEP
    How do I add wep encryption?

  3. OLSR
    What package does the olsr mode add?

Do you mean IBSS?

IBSS == Ad-Hoc

WEP was deprecated in 2004 (i.e. won't exist in future operating systems).

Did you mean - "what packages do you need to install to add OLSR?

  • olsrd
  • luci-app-olsr

So there is no 2004 firmware for ASUS RT-AC65P.
Advise then what equipment was at the time relevant for 2004.


I don't understand the point. OpenWrt version 19 didn't exist either.

I'm confused by this question. How is it related to WEP in OpenWrt version 21?

(I would guess all wireless equipment sold at the time.)

I need to enable WEP support on openwrt v21. If ASUS RT-AC65P does not support old firmware openwrt with WEP, then you need to find other equipment.

WEP may still be possible with a CLI configuration.

But of course WEP is very easy to crack, thus it's no better than no encryption. If there is an existing network still using WEP, the operators of that network should change it.

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Thank you.

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Not quite, WEP support is disabled in wpad/ hostapd completely, it can only be enabled (WPA_ENABLE_WEP) in custom builds explicitly enabling this obsolete and insecure encryption method.

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