How connect to OpenWrt using this diagram?

I am using OpenWrt and the connection diagram looks like the photo below:

My OpenWrt connect to ISP wifi network and provide the internet connection through LAN ports. LAN IP of OpenWrt is obtained from ISP router
My Computer 1 connected to ISP router using wifi.

What do I need to do to:

  • Connect to my OpenWrt using web browser (Luci) from the Computer 1?
  • How to open port to access the devices (port 8000) from internet?

Thank you for your help.

OpenWrt would be set up as a routed client. The "WAN" side of OpenWrt obtains a 192.168.1.X address from the main router. This is exactly the same as the default configuration except that the link to the next router on the way to the Internet is wireless instead of wired.

The wired or wireless users on the LAN side of OpenWrt are in the 192.168.0 network and route through OpenWrt to the ISP router and then through it to the Internet. If you want to forward an incoming port to one of the OpenWrt clients, you have to configure it on both routers.

Ordinarily OpenWrt blocks administration (http or ssh) from the WAN side. For one of the main router clients like computer 1 to be able to log in, you have to open the port in OpenWrt. This is still secure since the ISP router will block http or ssh from the Internet.

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Thank you for your prompt response. I have found this guide for setting up the routed client using google Can I do it using web interface? Thank you

Do it in console. However you can go to Interfaces -> Wireless, and set 'Mode' to 'Client' instead of default 'Access Point'. Start with masquerading.

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