How can we make the lantiq xrx200 devices faster

wan to lan
wan to 5ghz
lan to 5ghz

i tested these but performance is still poor

Does any one noticed that recent trunk has IRQ VPE enabled but moving ethernet IRQ (72 / 73) to second core kills network ?
kernel 5.4 + DFS + VPE patch didn't had that issues as I'm still using it on "production" FB7412

Indeed i noticed the same thing.. I am able to move the ath9k interrupts to the second core. But moving the dsl or erhernet interrupt hangs my wr9980.

You should use this patch.

Hi, I have Astoria networks VGV7519 (VRX288 V1.2) running latest stable OpenWRT v21.02.3.
My internet uplink is pppoe ethernet 100mbps (I don't use dsl/telephony)
What patches/settings would you advice to improve performance of this unit? I already enabled "Software flow offloading", but would like to go a bit further.

root@wrt0-vgv:~# cat /proc/cpuinfo
system type             : xRX200 rev 1.2
machine                 : KPN Experiabox V8
processor               : 0
cpu model               : MIPS 34Kc V5.6
BogoMIPS                : 332.54
wait instruction        : yes
microsecond timers      : yes
tlb_entries             : 16
extra interrupt vector  : yes
hardware watchpoint     : yes, count: 4, address/irw mask: [0x0ffc, 0x0ffc, 0x0ffb, 0x0ffb]
isa                     : mips1 mips2 mips32r1 mips32r2
ASEs implemented        : mips16 dsp mt
Options implemented     : tlb 4kex 4k_cache 32fpr prefetch mcheck ejtag llsc dc_aliases userlocal vint perf_cntr_intr_bit perf
shadow register sets    : 1
kscratch registers      : 0
package                 : 0
core                    : 0
VPE                     : 0
VCED exceptions         : not available
VCEI exceptions         : not available
root@wrt0-vgv:~# dmesg | grep smp
[    0.000000] Kernel command line: console=ttyLTQ0,115200 mem=62M vpe1_load_addr=0x83e00000 vpe1_mem=2M maxvpes=1 maxtcs=1 nosmp
[    0.075297] smp: Bringing up secondary CPUs ...
[    0.079759] smp: Brought up 1 node, 1 CPU

Please use 22.03.0-rc1 or trunk It contains major improvements for lantiq platform . And there will be more in stable 22.03.0 branch in next few months .

I tried both 22.03.0-rc1 and trunk but there is still 1 core shown in /proc/cpuinfo and no SMP support. So do I still need to compile myself and apply some patches?

lantiq devices with FXS (analogue phone-) ports reserve one CPU core as voice core (running a special voice firmware and reserving 2 MB of the main RAM). If you don't need that and want to re-use the second core as CPU core, you will have to adapt the cmdline in your device's dts and rebuild OpenWrt (from source).

This is the expected behaviour and not a bug.