How can install openwrt on sun8iw7 allwinner h3 32bit Android tv box

anyone can help to install please any developer help me out

Just because the SoC is supported by OpenWrt, that doesn't mean you can install it on every board that uses that SoC.
At least not without all available data about your tv box and a huge amount of work...which probably has to be done by you.

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Here am find solution what can I do in order to install it @elder_tinkerer

While sunxi devices may not be too difficult to port to OpenWrt (someone with the hardware will still have to do the necessary development work), you do realize that OpenWrt will not provide you with GUIs, IR remote support or the ability to play videos?

Am trying to search this device on Openwrt there no any development doing this any one can help

Please don'5 double post - if you want to see it supported, you will have to do the development to make that happen.

Please add this MXQ pro 4k 5g sun8iw7 to openwrt

OpenWrt is a networking-focused distribution, and that hardware is poorly suited for networking. It has only one 10/100 Ethernet port and no USB3 ports. There isn't going to be developer interest in it.

The first step in developing a new model is to try to boot an initramfs build on it, then identify support for any off-chip hardware especially the flash storage.

its usb4 port

Is this the device you're talking about?

As @mk24 stated, it has 10/100 ethernet and USB 2.0 ports (4 of them), not USB4.

I try to boot it with Orange pi plus firmware it's how this

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