How can I use zabbix with openwrt/lede software

Hi there I have 148 ap work with openwrt 17 and I have zabbix server install in my data center how can I monitoring my openwrt software with zabbix server all what we need in zabbix which ap offline and which online thx

create a simple template, affected to all your aps, without zabbix agent, you can tell to zabbix server to check if your ap is pingable.

(simple check with key : icmpping[{IPADDRESS},3,25,68,2000])

or with zabbix agent (passive or active check) you will retrieve more informations.

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Thank for your reply but can you give me more information with zabix agent in openwrt or lede howi do it I serch for it all what I have template for zabbix server but thers no information for agent side all what I need which aps is online and offline and total of client in each aps if it possible thx very much for your time

here is a good start

the Agent UCIfied

the template for the server

here is the default config for the agent.

config zabbix_agentd 'zabbix_agentd'
	option AllowRoot '1'
	option ServerActive ''
	option EnableRemoteCommands '1'
	option Hostname system.hostname
	option Include '/etc/zabbix_agentd.conf.d/'
	option LogFile '/var/log/zabbix.log'
	option Server ''
	option StartAgents '1'

if you want to do Active check (line ServerActive) or Passive check (line Server)

Active is router send info to zabbix server
Passive is zabbix-server grab data from router.

choose what you prefer.

Zabbix Agent can't do everything, but you can learn him how to be better.

if you check /etc/zabbix_agentd.conf.d/ you will see some files i call "extension keys"

example, :[*],lua -l iwinfo -e "print(iwinfo[iwinfo.type('$1')].channel('$1'))"

zabbix agent don't know how to check a channel. but with this key in the server "[wlan0]" the agent know what to do for checking the channel of wlan0

so you can create your own custom keys.

but don't forget to don't perform all the templates check just for know if an AP is here or not.

perform a simple check as i explain upper, every minute, and grad more infos every 5minutes / 10 minutes / hour ? day ?

maybe you can tell your AP to send how many people are connected every minute. but not all data.

good luck for you configuration. (and i you need help, ask)


If Zabbix uses SNMP, simply install SNMPD on the OpenWrt device.

SNMP will give you that data.

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Thank you for your information its very helpful , one other Q
in default config I which option should I add my zabbix server (ServerActive or Server)

Thx for idea its nice but I have one things if you have any idea about it , in snmp when I work with tp-link router like archer c7 I should add ip of my zabbix in it with snmp section my Q in openwrt when I use snmpd should I add my zabbix ip in it or not ? Thx

I'm not sure what you mean. If you install SNMPd on the router, you have to allow the server to poll the OpenWrt device on udp/161 from the server IP.

This should work wihtout firewall rules on LAN, if your server is on WAN, you have to make a Traffic Rule in your firewall.