How can i use my HTTP proxy as client on OpenWrt?

I have an HTTP proxy server on my local network which is (the proxy has a VPN). I want to use the HTTP proxy address on my OpenWRT as a client like Proxifier (windows software) that all my router clients will auto use the HTTP proxy. Is it possible? BTW, I can use the proxy by Firefox browser if I add the proxy from the FIrefox setting. I want the exact firefox same thing on OpenWRT then client doesn't have need to add the proxy manually. Thanks in advance.

haproxy might be what you need.

Can you tell me the process to setup to haproxy?

Hello, any news?

I would be very grateful if you could let me know the process step by step.

I am not an advance label expert about command! Is there any easy process something like luci haproxy package?

Have you searched for one?

check WPAD

Hi, i have found a luci package for the software

I have my proxy server on my phone which is and i am using the openwrt router from the other router by wireless and i have added my proxy address on the upstream server section but proxy not working, see the screenshot plz

How is it work? I don't understand anything about the wpad and even i don't know how to install this on openwrt

you did read the documentation, right?

If you want to ha e auto configuration of the http/https proxy then you may try to configure wpad. I newer did that so not sure if it doable. You can also create a pac file and put it on a router. Then in windows or firefox you can set a url to the pac file