How can I keep vnstat data after upgrade OpenWrt

I am using openwrt on Dlink 921. After upgrade of openwrt Iam losing vnstat data (messure transfer on interfaces) even if I backup /etcvnstat vua ftp before upgrade and upload after upgrade and install vnstat and vnstat-luci-app

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I can backup restore by myself. I backuped last times files
.br-lan, .eth0.1, .wlan0, br-lan, eth0.1, wlan0, .eth0, .eth0.2,.wwan0, eth0, eth0.2, wwan0
from /etc/vnstat, uploaded via FTP to PC and I have restored them via ftp to /etc/vnstat again, then I installed vnstat i vnstat luci. But vnstat tells me about broken files.

there is problem only on firmware upgrades, switch off doesnt delete these data for vnstat.