How can I force LuCI to rebuild itself to reflect recent installation?

Here's the first draft with a little more info, written (and forgotten) a couple of days earlier. Then today I found ↩️

Heads up: this is a bit long. (and maybe rambly)
I'm being thorough for the devs since I'm using a RC version. For other WRT helpful ninjas, the picture and a little skimming should be enough, I think. :slight_smile:

I've installed a few packages but they don't appear in LuCI's menus.

I used the GUI and selected for these(1) packages the packages specific for LuCI(2), so it(2) installs the real package(1) I want as a LuCI dependency. i.e.+e.g; the GUIs for ACME certs, banIP, NATMap install those same packages and related packages so the GUI it's not just pages added that do nothing.

They install and run, but they won't appear on LuCI. In the case of WireGuard, for example; it has a top bar component under Status which hasn't failed to show up, but in this case where it matters the most is in its dropdown interface menu entry, from where it is missing.

The pages themselves are installed, I know so because I copied the URL path to successfully load the same page on another OpenWRT instances the otherwise missing in action page.

Upon reading some threads, it all seemed to point out to mismatched versions of software, and indeed I actually had mismatched versions from one OpenWRT RC to the next, but the packages themselves didn't differ — or differed but weren't showing (or rather not showing). To be sure, I created a new master and cloned two new systems from it.

Both systems are virtual machines running LuCI openwrt-23.05 branch (git-23.236.53405-fc638c8) / [OpenWrt 23.05.0-rc4 (r23482-7fe85ce1f2)].

The packages are various, but I checked carefully versions matched where a package is failing to appear in one of the system.

It seems to be just a skipped/failed step of the package installation process for which I assume the code (script) must be there somewhere to force the update of the UI -- am I wrong?

Unfortunately, the NATMap example was the only one I had of the problem where the link to it wouldn't show on the top menu bar, but if entered the path manually it loaded fine. It fixed itself. I don't recall if I installed it or not because I did try uninstalling and reinstalling stuff as an attempt to "nudge" them into place. It wasn't successful, but for all I know it might've been a very stubborn browser cache.

:arrow_right_hook: that this question had already been asked, just phrased differently. It was answered too. Unfortunately, restarting the network service, like in that case, didn't work in mine.

Components of packages that go outside of the Network menu, seem to install just fine though.

Any suggestion what could this be? =)

This happens to me as well, I just force-refresh the browser and, if it didn't help, restart the router. I never bothered to check what exactly needs to be restarted (the thread you linked to mentions netfid), but I suppose uhttpd is also a good candidate to force-reload the LuCI pages. Or the complet network stack (/etc/init.d/networking restart).

It finally worked!

@andyboeh Thanks for answering, BTW. In my case restarting even the router wen unnoticed. Emptying caches, switching browsers, etc, nothing. It kinda sucked that everybody seemed to be working it out and I remained stuck. It's funny now.

I didn't want to install LuCI pkgs over the CLI because I read some advise given to somebody else not to. But since I was getting nowhere, what did I have to lose, right?

A single successful installation may have just had been itself a hiccup too, I thought. So, to confirm I installed a second protocol with positive results once again; I think I just had to add use the --force-depends option of opkg and it works itself out. =)

I'm leaving the logs, hopefully it's of help to somebody else.

root@cloudfront:~# opkg --force-removal-of-dependent-packages remove softethervpn5-bridge softethervpn5-client softethervpn5-server softethervpn5-libs luci-app-softether
Removing package luci-app-softether from root...
Removing package softethervpn5-client from root...
Not deleting modified conffile /usr/libexec/softethervpn/vpn_client.config.
Removing package softethervpn5-libs from root...
Collected errors:
* opkg_remove_cmd: Package luci-app-softether is not installed.
root@cloudfront:~# opkg --force-depends install luci-proto-wireguard
Installing luci-proto-wireguard (git-23.073.81399-59a6f06) to root...
Installing kmod-crypto-lib-chacha20 (5.15.132-1) to root...
Installing kmod-crypto-lib-poly1305 (5.15.132-1) to root...
Installing kmod-crypto-lib-chacha20poly1305 (5.15.132-1) to root...
Installing kmod-crypto-kpp (5.15.132-1) to root...
Installing kmod-crypto-lib-curve25519 (5.15.132-1) to root...
Installing kmod-wireguard (5.15.132-1) to root...
Installing wireguard-tools (1.0.20210914-2) to root...
Configuring kmod-crypto-lib-chacha20.
Configuring kmod-crypto-lib-poly1305.
Configuring kmod-crypto-lib-chacha20poly1305.
Configuring kmod-crypto-kpp.
Configuring kmod-crypto-lib-curve25519.
Configuring kmod-wireguard.
Configuring wireguard-tools.
Configuring luci-proto-wireguard.
root@cloudfront:~# service network restart
root@cloudfront:~# opkg --force-depends install luci-proto-gre
Installing luci-proto-gre (git-21.158.43143-b4c394f) to root...
Configuring luci-proto-gre.
root@cloudfront:~# service network restart