How can I find out if I have problems with any instances or any configuration of my 3 OpenWRTs?

Hello Everyone
I would like to ask for a strategy to be able to "debug" my network, which I sometimes see Getting stuck for no apparent reason.

I have 3 openWRT instances, 1 with Router+AP Role (TP-Link Archer C6 V3) and two with role AP Dumb ( another TP-Link Archer C6 V3 end a Cudy WR1300 v3)

My router provides a total of 4 vlans, 3 of which are exported to Wifi. In the Router I use an Ethernet port to share the tagged vlans in order to hook the two Dumb APs, the rest is distributed as vlan untagged in the various devices (classic switchs and 1 powerline) in the house.

The APs use 3 different channels (in the different frequencies 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz), and are arranged on 3 different floors of the house (built of reinforced concrete...the reason for the 3 :D)

The context where I live is in a neighborhood where there are several other wifi, which marginally may bother but I don't think they are the cause of anything. My house has more or less 60 clients ( iot, ip cam, TV, mediaplayer, homelab... etc )

I don't see any "over effort" on openWRT devices but What happens?

Randomly the internet connection doesn't work on one AP instead on others (or wired) it does; and not always in the same client and not always in the same AP. Other times the wired untag network interface drops, but the wifi works (so the vlans interface tagged work fine).

Each time I try to access the logs but can't find (when I get there) anything interesting. I was thinking to setup a rsyslog to centrally retrieve logs from the openWRT, But I don't have any other great ideas

Any suggestions on some other more efficient strategy to figure out where the problem is? at this point I'm also starting to think that some entry level switch created problems ( or the powerline... but it used in only one "leaf" point of the network)

Any help identifying my hidden gnome in the net?


Sorry to hear you are having problems! I have 4 C7 v2 in a mesh and had similar problems so this is what I did:

Install luci-app-watchcat on all of the routers.

60 clients and a busy neighborhood sounds like a recipe for crashed radios especially on older C7 IMHO.

A few other ideas....

  • You could try running HORST on a test router.

  • You could try running Kismet on a separate computer to monitor the airwaves so to speak.

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