How can I compile Xiaomi AC2100 snapshot device with 19.07.3 [mt76]

Hi. I have Xiaomi AC2100(aka R2100)[still at snapshot not relased as stable] but I don't know how to compile firmware for device. Actually I can compile just very vanillia. Just choosing luci modules at "make menuconfig" and cpu type with proper dts. I wanna learn how to compile proper firmware with exactly usable drivers not mt76. I want to compile with MT7603 and MT7615 driver specifically. Some one said that on "R2100 topic". Okay thanks for now. I'm waiting your replies and help. Thanks a lot.

Support for the Xiaomi Redmi Router AC2100 (RM2100) has just been merged to master a day ago, it does not exist in 19.07.x and never will be. You'll have to work with master snapshots for the time being, until the next major release (20.x.0) becomes available.

I know it never will be but how can I adapt it my self?

I went through this on a lesser device and in the end decided to stay with a Master git pull and adding luci to the build. The Developer Documentation has the information although it is scattered in several links and depends on whether you are running Linux or Windows.