How can I change radio 1 MAC address

**How Can I change Wi-Fi MAC address for the Radio 1 cuz someone block my wifi mac address on the main router now I cant connect to it wirelessly **

  1. Do you have permission to access the upstream router?

thanks for your reply
1.I don't have access to the main router
2. I don't know how to set those commands I am New with openwrt

get winscp, edit the file in it.

How do you know you've been blocked?

If it was done intentionally, it was for a reason...

If so, as soon as they figure out it's you with a new MAC, you'll be blocked again.

I'd talk with whoever maintains the upstream router, and get whatever the issue is resolved.

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what is the name of the file that I should edit

Add an option macaddr line to the section of `/etc/config/wireless that has the wifi client.

I thought this used to be possible with the web interface but I hardly ever use the web interface.

they blocked me cuz they allow only 2 devices to be connected its is a hotel access point . I had registered a wrong MAC address

See this post -

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