How can I change my router’s wan port to lan port?

I am using Quixiang qx210 router.
The device has two ports, one wan/lan and connects to the internet through a GSM connection.
I believe the device mounts a specially modified OpenWrt.

I need to change the wan port to lan so as to have two lan connections to connect two cameras.

How can I reconfigure the switch using LuCI?

Thanks for your help


that's not a supported device here.


You need to contact the developers of that "Wireless Premium Router" software.

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Thanks anyway..
I understand but the interface seems very similar to me and maybe if someone can tell me the procedure used on openwrt I could try to see if it works.
I searched but i couldn't find a support for "Wireless Premium Router" software.

Thanks for your answers

Does help?

In openwrt you would normally go to «interfaces» and remove the wan port (it might be called ethX) from WAN/WAN6. Then you go to «devices» and add that port to br-lan.

If the gui is based ln OpenWrt 19 or earlier it might be slightly different. If they have changed around some options (which it seems they have), it might be slightly different or it’s not supported at all.

I solved there is a specific checkbox to do this:

Thank you all for your kind help.

Just to bring this full-circle...

This checkbox doesn't exist in any official OpenWrt firmware. Personally, I never would have guessed that there was a checkbox there, and I would imagine that most other contributors would say the same. The process for changing the port assignments on OpenWrt is quite a bit different and might have severely broken this customized firmware version. This is a very simple example of why it is so hard or even impossible to offer support for vendor forks of OpenWrt -- we just don't know what they have changed. Despite looking "similar", these are very different animals.


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