How can i access releayd repeater through main AP?


i have setup a wifi repeater with relayd following this tutorial:
Everything is working fine :slight_smile:

How can i configure the repeater so that luci or ssh is accessible through my main AP (
I can see the assigned ip ( for wan interface on the main router but of course through that IP the repeater is not accessible (because its wan port?).

I have tried but that just gave me an error:

root@Wifi-Bridge-1:~# uci set network.stabridge.ipaddr=
uci: Invalid argument

As of now the repeater is only accessible if i plugin lan and configure my local client manually. That will not work out as the repeater will be installed on a bad accessible place.

Can somebody help?

Ok, i should read the whole tutorial and compare them..

The command is of course:
uci set network.repeater_bridge.ipaddr=

Thats how the bridge is called in the first tutorial. Now everything is running fine beside it does take a while for clients on the repeater to get an IP.

Maybe that will help somebody else.