How can create cloud-Management Wireless WLAN controller

Currently my team and i are trying to create a cloud-Management Wireless WLan just like the Meraki, Unifi or Ignite did with their firmware. We have for ourself a Cloud system but still can't figure out how can a router with OpenWRT be controlled by a cloud system. If you guys have any experiences or know how to do it please let me know, i'm a newbie in this feature so there are a lot of things i don't know. Thanks

Hi Deepak,

You can actually re-cycle the some of the Meraki hardware and use them with our Free Cloud Management system.

Where you want to run it is up to you.
It is totally under your control.
People even run it locally in a Pi.

The hardware you can control is basically any OpenWrt capable hardware.
You just add an Open Source package to OpenWrt. (MESHdesk)

Here are some screenshots of a three node mesh we deployed using Meraki MR24's flashed with OpenWrt with the MESHdesk package.

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Check out OpenWISP

Since OpenWISP has been mentioned, I wanted to share a few screenshots of the upcoming version, which will be a major milestone of the project and satisfies many of the needs which are often mentioned in this forum.


A VPN is not strictly required for controlling configuration but it's required if you need to use the Firmware Upgrader and Monitoring modules, OpenWISP supports OpenVPN and can automate its provisioning (including the generation of certificates). Support for Wireguard/VXLAN has also just been recently added thanks to several sponsors which are using OpenWISP and contributing to its development and it will be included in the release (at the moment this feature is available in the 1.0.x branch of OpenWISP Controller on github.

The upcoming version of OpenWISP can be already installed following the instructions provided at the following link: (the URL to the instructions may change in the future, if in doubt ask in the OpenWISP support channels).

For any other question regarding OpenWISP there's a dedicated mailing list or chat.

I hope this helps.

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Update: the new version of OpenWISP, 22.05 has just been released.

Does it support new DSA config devices/interfaces ?