Hostnames setup for same ip, different ports

I have a FreeNAS server in my house in LAN it has 2 different running HTML GUI interfaces they are running on different ports: and

I would like to create hostnames on my openwrt so I can just type the name and go to the GUI I need. For what I read this isn't possible, right? But I'm a little newbie so maybe some of you can say more :slight_smile:

Thank you!

It might not be exactly what you’re after but you should be able to give it alias host name in dns , then rely on your browser’s url autocompletion to take you to the port you need once you’ve accessed both of them once.

It is not easy but it is possible. You need an http server to rewrite the port, like a proxy.

I digged a bit on my own and I found this. I think it is exactly what I'm trying to do under the SRV RR section.

I tried a bit on my router but it desnt seem to work :frowning:, what am I doing wrong?

I have this configs:image

Unless this is a sip server, it won't work like this.

yeah and it didn't, after that I tried also simply removing _sip image
It didn't work either.

But in general am I in the right config spot for what I'm trying to do?

Not really.