Hostnames not working on Clients

Hello Everyone, i'm currently facing an issue when creating hostnames. Under network > hostnames I typed in the desired hostname and Ip address of the clients (all these 4 devices have a static lease).
But when using my windows pc (with hostname "Pccione") I cannot ping any hostname, only by ip. (adding .lan does not work either)
Connected via SSH to the router I can ping all these clients by the hostname.
My pc is currently using dhcp, with a static lease. ipconfig /all shows some IPv6 addresses (I don't know what they are, IPv6 is disabled on my router) and between those there's the router ip (

Are those Ipv6 causing this issue or have I done something wrong with the hostnames?

I think you probably want to use Network > DHCP and DNS > Static Leases
for hosts in you private network. You can set the hostname which will appear on your network there.

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Something in your network is issuing those ULA (fd00:: and fd20::) IPv6s and you need to find it and stop it.

Since it's using a MAC derived IP, we can see one of the offending machine's MAC address ends in f9:8a:4f. This machine is advertising itself as a DNS server. The one issuing fd20 IPs is not.

In OpenWrt, click Network -- Interfaces then the Global Settings tab and make sure no ULA Prefix is set.

Thanks! Seems like my fritzbox even without the DHCP server enabled gives out IPv6 dns to clients. Disabled IPv6 support and now I can ping all the hostnames I have.

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