Hostname not showing up in Angry IP Scanner


I'm running some miners with OpenWrt installed and none of them shows a hostname when scanning with an IP scanner, for example Angry IP Scanner.

Already gave them hostnames in the System / system tap.
I have to say that these are old builds but it gets the job done.

One is installed with OpenWrt Chaos Calmer r42655
The three other with OpenWrt/Linaro GCC 4.6-2013.05 r38031

I had to set a static IP's to these Antminers and I had to do it over here: Network / Interfaces / WAN

Is there a possebility to make them showup whit the hostname in a IP scan ?

Mabe it's a firewall thing but I don't know what or how.

Any help is welcome.

Set up static leases and/or hostnames on your main router and use it as a primary resolver.

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Do you scan from WAN or LAN side? I tried a IP scan from a iPad on my router from the LAN side and that scanner shows the system settings hostname of the router for that IP adress.

@G33RT, welcome to the community!

First, neither of these appear supported or current.

  • Where is your DNS server?
  • Set A and PTR records there
  • Done!

Then you're not sending a hostname to a DHCP server either, so definitely you set them in your DNS infastructure.

No, it seems you just never assigned hostnames to these IPs in your network.

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I can set a static DHCP in my main router, I guess you mean that ?

The OpenWrt devices have only a WAN site that connect to my local network although one of them does not a TL-MR3020 mini router but it also does not shows his hostname.

Thanks for the welcome !

My DNS server is running on my main router R7800.

Duno what "A" and "PTR" records are, I have to search and learn that first.
If success I will report the results thanks for the advice.

I have set the hostname in Network / Interfaces / Lan and there I fillin the hostname.

But it is in fact the WAN site who would to have an hostname assign to if I'm not mistaken.
Just don't know how to that as is not a normal thing to do.


Are you trying to make a Global DNS record?

Yep, you'll need to learn this to understand your issue.

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