Hostname is ( ? ) for some devices in Wireless

Hostname is ( ? ) for some devices in Wireless in Associated Stations. what can i do?

If Android Lineage (perhaps also Samsung / other stock) you can enable developer option and then you can enter a hostname. Other devices like Amazon Echo perhaps if you assign static IP....

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If the OpenWRT device is only acting as a wireless AP and not routing, it won't have ARP/ND table entries for wireless devices. If it doesn't have the device IP it can't lookup the device hostname.

There's a tool called arp-scan that can scan the whole IPv4 subnet but you'd have to enable accepting of gratuitous ARP replies. Unfortunately it doesn't work for IPv6.

As a side project (when I can find the time) I'm looking into DHCP snooping, ARP inspection, and IP source guard.

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router is Linksys wrt3200 and snapshot from davidc502 the last.

I think this issue will affect any device running OpenWRT.

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I have two routers , one Linksys wrt3200 with davidc502 last snapshot and the second asus rt57u , with asus and last openwrt 19.7.2 haven't problem , the three devices have ip address and host name. With liksys they haven't ip address and host name.

Which one is routing for the internet?

Run Linksys. Asus for backup.

Please post a diagram of your whole network, so I have a better understanding of what you are working with.

Can i have more information about diagram , what exactly you want to post ? Where is this?

A diagram is basically a drawing that shows how things are related. Search Google for "network diagram" for examples of what this looks like.

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