hostapd NE Exception problem

Hi all,
I have a prolbem hostapd exception. When clients connect to the device and play youtube video, it is easy to get disconnected. hostapd exception happened.
Anyone has the same problem? or any suggestion

Exception Class: Native (NE)
Exception Type: SIGSEGV

Current Executing Process: 
  pid: 8440, tid: 8440

    #00 pc 000000000001b674  /lib/ (memcpy+84)
    #01 pc 0000000000004348  /usr/lib/ (nlmsg_convert+64)
    #02 pc 0000000000003944  /usr/lib/ (nl_recvmsgs+284)
    #03 pc 0000000000469c84  /usr/sbin/hostapd (_init+403140)
    #04 pc 000000000048f7d4  /usr/sbin/hostapd (_init+557588)
    #05 pc 000000000040e0b8  /usr/sbin/hostapd (_init+27384)
    #06 pc 00000000000259bc  /lib/ (_init+520)