Hostapd 802.11ax 2.4Ghz BW 40Mhz support?

The hostapd version is v2.10-devel.
We use hostapd to setup 2.4G 802.11ax bandwidth 40Mhz, but the logs show "40 MHz channel width is not supported in 2.4 GHz"
Does hostapd v2.10 support 2.4GHz 802.11ax BW 40Mhz?

hostapd log:
40 MHz affected channel range: [2422,2472] MHz
HT40: control channel: 6 (2437 MHz), secondary channel: 10 (2457 MHz)
Completing interface initialization
Mode: IEEE 802.11g Channel: 6 Frequency: 2437 MHz
DFS 0 channels required radar detection
40 MHz channel width is not supported in 2.4 GHz
Could not set channel for kernel driver
Interface initialization failed


might be the radio/driver that doesn't support it ...

what HW are we talking about ?

Hi frollic,
this is nxp wifi chipset, if we use nxp utility app to setup 2.4G ax BW 40M, client can connect to AP.


NXP, that's Marvell, right ?

the 2.4Ghz radio's abandon(hard)ware ...

You should be talking to the hostapd people directly, or NXP. OpenWrt has no support for NXP wireless, if it's a Marvell radio then as frollic indicates it is abandonware and all OpenWrt can do is work with/around the binary blobs Marvell provided at some point. If it is some radio NXP already had developed prior to the Marvell wireless acquisition, I think there is even no support whatsoever in the Linux kernel for it.

Sounds like you have contacts within NXP or at least an SDK supporting their stuff, so they should be able to help you. Even more so if their proprietary software can do what you'd like your (probably OpenWrt based) SDK to do.

Do not confuse SDKs with OpenWrt proper please. They have no relation whatsoever.

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