Host names in addition to IP addresses on Rate page would be super helpful

When I want to know who is downloading the internet, I look here


But of course I then have to go look up IP addresses. Having the host name there would be super helpful

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Not what I meant. That's the connections page, not the rate page. And even on the connections page, it only gives me the destination DNS lookup. I want source to know who in the house is downloading the internet.

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Can you show a screenshot?

On my device I don't see a such page - it lands at "Load" when I enter /cgi-bin/luci/admin/status/realtime/rate - and the only logical tab that matches your description is in fact the "Connections" tab.

Did you install some LuCI app and forgot to reference it?

Untrue. On mine, I see LAN hostnames too.

The page appears after installing the luci-app-nft-qos package and the OP is right - there is no reverse DNS lookup option.



Yes, I guess I didn't know for sure whether the page was a base feature or appeared with the QOS package. In general, anywhere a LAN IP address is shown, it would be great to have hostnames.

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On the stock "connections" page, with DNS lookups enabled, I do not see LAN hostnames. I do see internet hostnames. Is there a setting I missed for LAN hostnames? This at least would be helpful in the absence of a better qos Rate page.

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It works on default OpenWrt. Somehow your local resolution is messed up.

You should to fix that first - before you can expect it to appear on any other page that gains new features.

Ah, thanks!

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Though I don't know enough about this to know how to fix it.

Ah, I used this coupon I had laying around and determine that installing unbound fixed it! Thanks all.

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