Host dependency issue

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We are trying to enable selinux , 21.02 where the default mtd-utils (for NAND /ubifs ) are not supporting selinux .

So we moved to mtd-utils 2.1.5 , where its fixed but we are seeing this build time failure.

Problem :

During mkfs.ubifs host utility compilation make system /autoconfig is checking for the following depenecy as these are the first to get compile (libselinux is much later )




So when compiling mtd-utils this artifacts are not found in the expected path and autoconfig is assuming no-selinux and disable SELinux .

Where most of the include / Lib are in hostpkg which is not even created at that point of time .

If I compile just mtd-utils post libselinux ( clean mtd-utils ) it works .


**//////LOG for config**

#include <selinux/selinux.h>

configure:15186: result: no

configure:15186: WARNING: selinux/selinux.h: accepted by the compiler, rejected by the preprocessor!

configure:15186: WARNING: selinux/selinux.h: proceeding with the compiler's result

configure:15186: checking for selinux/selinux.h

configure:15186: result: yes

configure:15200: checking selinux/label.h usability

configure:15200: gcc -c -O2 -I/local/mnt/workspace/rsiddoji/OWRT_Workspace/owrt/staging_dir/host/include -I/local/mnt/workspace/rsiddoji/OWRT_Workspace/owrt/staging_dir/*hostpkg*/include -I/local/mnt/workspace/rsiddoji/OWRT_Workspace/owrt/staging_dir/host/include conftest.c >&5

configure:15200: $? = 0

configure:15200: result: yes

configure:15200: checking selinux/label.h presence

configure:15200: gcc -E -I/local/mnt/workspace/rsiddoji/OWRT_Workspace/owrt/staging_dir/host/include conftest.c

conftest.c:25:10: fatal error: selinux/label.h: No such file or directory

#include <selinux/label.h>


compilation terminated.

configure:15200: $? = 1

configure: failed program was:

| /* confdefs.h */

| #define PACKAGE_NAME "mtd-utils"

| #define PACKAGE_TARNAME "mtd-utils"

| #define PACKAGE_VERSION "2.1.5"

| #define PACKAGE_STRING "mtd-utils 2.1.5"


//// End of log

What we had tried :



## under define Package/mtd-utils/Default


But all this options seem to be used in enabling and disabling options at menuconfig level ,

Is there a way that we can create a inter dependent , or make selinux compile first and later the mtd-utils ?

Developer :man_detective:

it will not work like that for host tools ,
See the following link where you can set the dependency ,

Currently for this we are adding lzib, e2fs are the dependency where the compile is called here .
I am still not sure if this can really help for libselinux as it has chain to it . Try this .