Homenet (hnet) Documentation

I see that we now describe hnet (the Homenet routing protocol) in the documentation at https://wiki.lede-project.org/docs/user-guide/basic-ipv4-configuration. It appears to have been brought over from my version of the documentation at the Homenet site.

This both thrills me (Yay! I'm famous!) and scares me (because I never really saw it work.)

[The back story: about three months ago, I wrote the documentation with the help of several Homenet developers, who thought it was correct. I was able to get Homenwt/hnetd installed on an early version of LEDE, but it didn't work entirely according to the documentation. I got busy, and never had a chance to set up a reproducible test case that would confirm whether it was LEDE, hnetd, or my instructions. Three months later, the page sits there, with its warnings at the bottom.]

So here's the dilemma: I seriously want Homenet to work. It solves all kinds of home networking, IPv6 connectivity, routing, resource discovery, etc. problems. But I ran out of time to test it personally, so I can't vouch for the documentation, yet.

I added a note to the LEDE page with a link to this article, so that any brave adventurers who read it can continue this discussion.


Ok, might be a better idea to move it to its own article then, to keep it out of basic configuration articles.

I think we all want the basic LEDE configuration articles to be and look airtight.

Update: The Homenet website seems to have gone off the air in 2020. A copy of the site from 2018 is on the Wayback Machine