HomeKit Cameras & VLANs

I'm having some problems with my HomeKit cameras.

  1. They sometimes work for a week straight and then mysteriously remain disconnected for hours at a time. They do not all disconnect at the same time(s).
  2. When viewing the cameras from one of my AppleTVs, the camera stops working after about 5 minutes. At that point, the AppleTV cannot view any other cameras either. However, I can view all of the cameras from my phone. The AppleTV must be rebooted, in order to view the cameras again.

My network consists of the OpenWrt devices below.

  • 4 x TP-Link Archer C7 (access points)
  • 4 x Netgear GS308T (switches)
  • 1 x NanoPi R4S (router)

My network contains the VLANs and HomeKit devices below.

  • Main
    • 4 x Apple HomePod Mini (5ghz wireless)
    • 2 x AppleTV 4K (wired)
  • Guest
    • 4 x Logitech Circle View Camera (2.4ghz wireless)
    • 1 x Logitech Circle View Doorbell (2.4ghz wireless)

Below are some pertinent details.

  • 802.11r and 802.11w are both disabled, on 2.4ghz.
  • I have one AP on each level of my home and all of the cameras are within 10 meters of an AP.
  • I alternate the APs between 2.4ghz channels 1 and 6. Channel 11 is unused, to avoid conflicts with my Zigbee network.
  • Every AP uses a different 5ghz channel, with no overlap.
  • All devices have reserved DHCP addresses.
  • The router allows bi-directional communication between the HomeKit hubs (on the main network) and the cameras (on the guest network).
  • I have set up MDNS reflection, between the VLANs, using Avahi.
  • I have enabled IGMP snooping on all devices, but only the central switch has the IGMP querier setting enabled.
  • IPv6 is disabled on all OpenWrt devices.

I plan to disable 802.11r/w, for 5ghz, in case that is causing issues with the HomePods. I'm also wondering if IGMP proxying is needed, between the VLANs. Beyond that, I've run out of things to try. Does anyone have any ideas?