HomeHub 5A - Drops 2.4GHz WiFi on Boot

I am having this strange issue in my HomeHub 5A for quite some time. First I thought it may be becasue of power surge or something. But now sometimes even a power off/power on from Hub power switch also triggers this behavior.

I was only able to capture the Log from my USB because 2.4GHz WiFi is not accessible anymore in this situation. I do not use 5GHz because it takes more RAM and I only own one device, my phone, which can use 5GHz.

Anyway, the situation is that sometimes, a power off/power on cycle triggers DMA errors on 2.4 GHz WiFi and it no longer boots up unless it gets restarted somehow which is only possible either through serial access or through 5GHz WiFi (which I do not use anymore) or the physical reboot button which I think is no longer working in v19.07.0.

One more thing is that I am seeing this behavior from v18.06 because I started using this Hub with v18.06 from the start and the Log that I got from the USB is: https://pastebin.com/UN0xVd60

Is this related to any bugs or could there be a race condition that triggers this behavior?

Is it a variation of the issue as described in 7.19 of Openwrt installation guide for HH5a?

Try 10 second full factory reset using pin hole Reset button. (I know 10 second Reset button works with 19.07.0-rc2 last time I tried)

Other possibility is you have a defective hub if no one else has witnessed same symptoms.

No I don't think so. It is related to MAC address for WAN port which does change every time you reboot the Hub.

I will do that and see how it goes.

Yes it could be a reason because I manage 2 hubs remotely and I am yet to see a problem with them although I'll ask the owners to confirm this issue.

WAN MAC address changing on reboot is a known bug. See section 7.6 of manual about 'wan_dev' and MAC address Override options to set it.

(if you factory reset the hub and use the grey DSL port, the mac address is correctly defined in wan_dev section of /etc/config/network when inspected)