Home-Network with VLAN, WiFi, VPN: feedback request

Hello OpenWRT fans,

I would appreciate your feedback on my planned home network setup, because I am still new to networking. The goal is to configure one router to be a DHCP and Wireguard-VPN server/client. Which should control 3 zones with VLANs and attach a dumb access point. The picture should describe the setup in more detail.

I managed to install OpenWRT on the Odroid N2+ and on the TP-Link Archer C2. The Odroid has only 2 NICs (1 real and 1 USB). This is the documentation of my switch

I followed this (Part1, Part2) tutorial series but lost connection to the Odroid in the second video at 8:50 min and will probably have to reinstall OpenWRT. I guess I made a mistake because the Odroid does not have an integrated switch and I do not know how to work around it in LUCI.

My questions are: Is this setup possible and how would you solve my lack of an integrated switch in the Ordoid?

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As log as the switch is "managed", it seems perfectly possible.