Home network efficiency questions


I've setup OpenWrt on Raspberry pi 4 B 8gb.

Super quick setup.

Here's how my hardware is connected.

Mini PC running Arch connected to one of the ports on Cable Matters USB 3.1 to 4-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch connected to Raspberry pi 4 B.

Raspberry pi is connected directly to spectrum modem.

I'm using ProtonVPN on OpenWrt to access internet.

What would be most efficient way to setup OpenWrt to be able to have internal VPN lan with WiFi hotspot but running vpn.

Internal network should be completely inaccessible from internet as I'll be running bitwarden and other services for my devices.

Are the perhaps detailed guides already for such setup?

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I should be able to restrict to specific MAC addresses of my devices right?

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Thank you, just what I needed, setting such things up for first time.

Still can't get over how quick initial OpenWrt setup was, coming back to computers after 10 years in film production, its mind blowing.

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